Steps To Prepare For Selling

You’ve decided to sell your home–where do you begin? There are a few simple, cost-effective steps you can do on your own to prepare for selling your home. The easiest first step is to contact The Holt Team to help you get your home on the market and SOLD with ease. With over 22+ years of experience selling homes in the greater St. Louis and St. Charles County areas, we know the market well. We also know that dedication to you and our relationship is the key to success. The minute you choose the Holt Team, you will be served with passion, integrity, and excellence. And we assure you, your home will sell quickly at the right price!

We Are Your Advocate

The Holt Team, powered by Keller Williams, is your home selling specialist! We inform, educate, and protect you from day one to your closing day. We work hard to get you the highest sale price with the least amount of hassle; your best interests are our best interests. And hiring us simplifies the process; we want you to live your life not worrying about the real estate details.

The Process

  1. At the beginning of the listing process, get the payoff amount from your lender on your current mortgage and determine what you need leftover to get into a new home.
  2. At our first meeting, not only will we seek to understand your needs, wants and motivation, we will advise you on ways to make your house extra appealing to potential buyers.
  3. We’ll ask you to list the improvements that have been made to the house and those that still need to be done. Then think about what concessions you will be willing to negotiate. This helps speed up the offer process and get to a closing date more rapidly.
  4. We’ll do an analysis to find out what your house will sell for. Together, we’ll establish a selling price based on the local market, your compiled information, and particulars like area comps and the age and state of your home. We’ll be honest–we don’t want you to be inconvenienced by trying to sell at a price that’s too high or lose money if it’s priced too low.
  5. Once you receive an offer, negotiating is a serious business that requires skill and knowledge to effectively achieve the desired outcome. Our agents are highly trained and skilled negotiators and are the most respected professionals in the business.
  6. After working through any remaining considerations, you simply need to get through all the paperwork. Your listing agent will help you compile the necessary documents, arrange to meet with the buyers, inspectors, and others to facilitate your transaction to a successful closure.

The Key to Curb Appeal

How will buyers see your property? You only have one chance to make a positive first impression. A comparatively small investment in time, money and effort can remove many distractions and lead to strong offers from buyers. Nobody has a more important role in the home selling process than YOU, the seller. The correct staging of your home can go a long way towards achieving a successful sale at the highest price.

So what kind of repairs and improvements will ramp up your curb appeal and add just enough value (without breaking the bank) to get the best sale price possible? Here are some simple, cost-effective ideas for you to begin the process of selling your home. This is just a quick list; we will walk through your home with you, make suggestions, and help you sort out the best changes to make. So grab a screwdriver and duster and let’s get started!

First Impressions

  • House Numbers readable/new
  • Fresh paint or clean siding on exterior
  • New Shutters (if faded/dirty)
  • Clean windows and sills (inside & out)
  • Blinds and draperies that look clean and unbroken (from outside)
  • Polish door knobs, metal fixtures, and hardware
  • Outdoor lights working/clean
  • New doormat
  • Lubricate doors/screen doors so they work easily and squeak-free
  • Clean, upright mailbox
  • Mow and weed the landscaping, add flowers near front door
  • Deck/patio cleaned/stained, nails flush, uncluttered
  • Driveway/sidewalks clean, large cracks repaired
  • Garage Tidy

Freshen Up Inside

  • Kitchen clean, free of clutter (no magnets, pens/papers, knick-knacks)
  • Hard flooring clean, carpet cleaned or replaced
  • Scuff marks cleaned off door facings, doors, baseboards
  • Clean light fixtures and light bulbs to brighten the home
  • Move large furniture out of the house
  • Empty closets as much as possible
  • Make sure bathrooms are clean and clutter-free
  • Check caulking and grout in bathrooms, fix as needed
  • Repair loose handrails or door knobs
  • Pack up personal items and stow them away (framed photos, magazines, décor items)
  • Remove super fragrant or odorous candles, smoking, and cooking smells
  • Consider hiring a staging company
  • If you can, have a home inspector come to your home for a thorough report.  This may be the best investment you make, as you will be aware of and repair the items that could be an issue when you are under contract.

Unique Selling Strategy

The Holt Team has a specific, unique strategy that will price your home accurately, make it irresistible to buyers whether from on-line searches, driving by or those that still look in the paper. Our marketing plan can get your house sold fast; our selling record is one of the best in the greater St. Louis/St. Charles county areas. Our in-depth experience and caring team can help ease the stress of selling your home. Contact us today to find out how; we can’t wait to meet you! Office: 636-229-8581 Cell: 314-277-5881