Rental Property Specialists

It is a great time to buy a rental property! Interest rates are still very good and the housing market is booming, especially in central Missouri. The Holt Team, powered by Keller Williams, has in-depth experience in investment properties and the rental market. Bill and Shirley Holt are property investors themselves! They know what to help you look for and how and where to best put your hard-earned money to get the highest return on your investment. Whether you’re looking for land to build on, a vacant building, or to fix up and sell a house or use it as a rental, they can help you close the deal with ease.

The Rental Market

Whether you’re selling a current rental or looking to buy one, we’ve got you covered! In the greater St. Louis area, there is an abundance of locations that still need rental properties or current rentals that need TLC. We have dozens of colleges and universities within the cities and spread out as far as 70 miles from St. Louis, manufacturing facilities and companies being built west of St. Charles, and a general midwestern growth that continues to be impressive. Many families are desiring a country location–we work in and know Warren and Lincoln Counties as well.

All of this adds up to individuals and families needing homes. Many of these people will rent due to being at college or university, job transfers, being new to the area, or may simply not want the responsibility of home ownership. It’s a revolving door that makes for a profitable investment. All you need to do is make sure your finances will allow it and that you choose real estate agents that know the business and will work hard on your behalf–that’s The Holt Team!

The Process

Just as with buying a house to live in, the process of buying a rental is the same. We meet with you to get to know you, listen intently for the important details, and determine your needs and financial situation.

  • We discuss features you want in the house and the desired rental income per month.
  • There is a selection of trusted lenders we can recommend to get your preapproval letter.
  • Once that’s done, we can begin viewing a selection of homes in your price range that fit your criteria.
  • When you find the rental house you want to buy, we help you come up with a reasonable offer.
  • Once the offer is accepted, we will guide you through the paperwork and make the transition to closing simple and stress-free.
  • Congratulations! You just bought an investment property!
  • You also get added to our exclusive Holt Team Customer Appreciation Program – ask us about it today!

If you’re selling a rental property, the rules remain the same as selling a residential house. Choosing the RIGHT agent is critical, next to curb appeal and making sure the house is in a saleable condition. The Holt Team has over 22 years of expertise and a unique marketing strategy that will help your rental sell quickly at the best price. The key ingredient is YOU! If you’re ready to sell, we can make it simple and exciting!

Contact Us

Why settle for anything other than excellence? That’s what The Holt Team works very hard to achieve–top-notch care and our honest commitment to you and our relationship.  Genuine trust and respect create a real estate experience that’s a win-win for all. To get started on your next or first rental or investment property endeavour, contact us today! Office: 636-229-8581 Cell: 314-277-5881